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Top Tips For Tulips

Top Tips for Tulips. Tulips, synonymous with Spring and available in bewildering array of colours, these flowers are always associated with The Netherlands but they originate in an area stretching from southern Europe through to western & central Asia, particularly Iran, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. The name Tulip is thought to have come from the Turkish … Continued

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Caring For Flower Bouquets

Below are some tips on caring for your flower bouquets to ensure you get the very most from and to enhance their longevity. Fill a clean vase with cool water and add the recommended amount of cut flower food Remove any foliage up to the rim of the vase Carefully remove all packaging and cut … Continued

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Why we need to feed flowers flower food

Some people may avoid buying fresh flowers because they feel that they just don’t last long enough. In many cases, if the flowers wilt after a few days, they may not have been given the proper care. Care for flowers first involves conditioning. Conditioning flowers is removing all packaging and any foliage up to the … Continued

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Flower Care Tips and Advice

Whether the occasion is a birthday, anniversary or to express your sympathies the best way to show how much you care is with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Imagine the expressions of surprise and gratitude the recipient will have when getting a vase of hand-tied fresh flowers like a crimson rose and exotic orchid arrangements. … Continued

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The Aloe Vera Plant. How to keep your medicine plant healthy

The Aloe Vera Plant, also known as The Medicine Plant and The Burn Plant is a short stemmed succulent plant and great for those who don’t have green fingers as it thrives on neglect. Related to the Lily family the Aloe Vera is cactus like in appearance with thick, tapering spiney or serrated green leaves. … Continued

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Care for Orchid plants

Many people wrongly assume Phalaenopsis Orchid plants are difficult to look after however following these few simple tips will help you get the very most from your Phalaenopsis Orchid plants. Light – sufficient light is important for healthy growth and flower production so place your Orchid plant in a bright sunny area but NOT in … Continued

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How to Care for your Peace Plant

The Peace Plant also known as Peace Lily, Closet Plant and officially Spathiphyllum or Spath for short is an easy to care for species of plant and one of the most popular house plants available. It is an evergreen herbaceous perennial related to the anthurium family. Despite it’s name it is related to the anthurium … Continued

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Caring for Kentia Palms, the do’s and don’ts

The Kentia Palm also known as the Sentry Palm, Thatch Leaf Palm and scientifically Howeia Forsteriana is a great indoor plant for home and office. It is a tropical evergreen palm that can also grow outdoors in cooler climates. In this part of the world however it is best used as an indoor plant as … Continued

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Looking after your Urn Plant (Achmea Fasciata)

This attractive plant is a native of Brazil and one of the Bromeliad family which also include the Pineapple. It has tough leathery leaves which grow in a rosette shape to form to form a central water storage area – thus the name Urn Plant. In it’s native habitat this plant can grow in the … Continued

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