Flower Care Tips and Advice

Whether the occasion is a birthday, anniversary or to express your sympathies the best way to show how much you care is with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Imagine the expressions of surprise and gratitude the recipient will have when getting a vase of hand-tied fresh flowers like a crimson rose and exotic orchid arrangements. With proper flower care, people can make these symbols of affection bloom and last as long as possible.


Fresh Flowers Lillies
It is not necessary to know all about flowers to provide basic flower care. To assist the flower bouquet to take in water, use a sharp knife and cut the bottoms of each stem at an angle. The veins in the flowers will reopen and your bouquet will start drinking. Just as when they were still growing, cut flowers need fresh water every day. Empty the old water out and fill the vase or container 3/4 full with clean, lukewarm water. It is best if the water is chlorine-free so still bottled water is a good choice. Store-bought flower food powders can be added to the flowers each day to make them last even longer. Some florists even suggest a teaspoon of sugar or one baby aspirin if flower food powders are not readily available.
Cut flower bouquets do best in cooler rooms. Perennial favourites such as chrysanthemums, lilies, roses and tulips will actually bloom fuller and may even get some new buds when kept cool. A bit extreme but some experts even recommend keeping the bouquet in the refrigerator each night to prolong its beauty. Flowers brighten any room or office; however, sometimes they may not fare well in a kitchen. Kitchens tend to be warmer, lighter and can have naturally-occurring gases that are fatal to cut flowers.
If that special person is all about flowers, he or she will appreciate these few tips on how to make a lovely bouquet last for days or even weeks..
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