Flower and Plant Care

Top Tips for Flower and Plant Care

We design and deliver beautiful flowers to Dublin and throughout Ireland. We want you to get the very best from your hand tied flower bouquet, plant or tropical flower arrangement. To maximise it’s life and your enjoyment please use these simple flower and plant care tips… (a copy of this is also included with every delivery we make).

white hydrangea in clear glass vase

Care for Flower Bouquets:

  • Carefully remove all packaging and then cut approx 2cm from the end of each flower and foliage stem at a sharp angle.
  • Remove any foliage from the stems up to the height of the rim of the vase.
  • Fill a clean vase with cool water and then add the recommended amount of cut flower food.
  • Gently place flowers in vase and place in a cool room avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Regularly replenish water and flower food.

Care for Flower Arrangements including Tropical Arrangements:

  • When you first get your arrangement top up the pot with cool clean water.
  • Water regularly to extend it’s life.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Place in a cool room.

Care for Plants:

  • The care of each plant type is different so it’s best to you follow the instructions that come with your specific plant. One little tip we’ve learned over the years is that more plants die from over watering as opposed to under watering – so try to avoid “killing them with kindness”.