Corporate Flowers in Dublin and Ireland – Help Build Your Business

Flower arrangements set in bar of a Dublin hotel lobby
Corporate Flowers in Dublin and Ireland.

Flowers create a warm, welcoming and positive impression for visitors to your company. As well as enhancing your image, office flowers have positive physiological and psychological effects for employees. The working environment is transformed and the atmosphere becomes more relaxed, creative and thus conducive to work. Needless to say, the benefits will outweigh the costs which are fully tax deductible.

The Ideal Corporate Arrangement

Flowers for a Dublin office reception areaCustomisation is important when it comes to your office flowers – the right design, in the right size, in the right place and using the right colour palette and containers will turn a standard office flower arrangement into a statement piece. A floral centrepiece of roses and orchids that is the perfect office flower arrangement for a Dublin city centre accountant’s may not be the ideal choice for a software company located in a high-tech industrial park. This is why, before any contract installation, we do a site visit so we can design a signature style ideal for your organisation.

Delivering customised office flowers in Dublin.

Whatever your business and whatever the size or style of offices we can design, create and deliver customised corporate arrangements that will enhance your working space. Our custom designed flower will boost the image of your organisation and pay dividends in other areas too.

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