Looking after your Urn Plant (Achmea Fasciata)

This attractive plant is a native of Brazil and one of the Bromeliad family which also include the Pineapple. It has tough leathery leaves which grow in a rosette shape to form to form a central water storage area – thus the name Urn Plant. In it’s native habitat this plant can grow in the crook of tree branches appearing to feed off the tree however it actually gets it’s nutrition from the air so it’s really a tree hugger!

Achmea Fasciata or Urn Plant.

As a native of warmer climates, in Ireland it is best used as an indoor plant and ideal as a house plant or to brighten up office areas. When used as a house plant it should be planted in a pot or other suitable container with good drainage, add gravel or bark chippings to your compost if it is not draining well.

Watering should be done directly into the plants urn but avoid over watering as this will cause root rot. Achmea Fasciata enjoy partial but not direct sunlight which makes them ideal house and office plants Flowering once for about three weeks this plant will continue to grow slowly to a maximum height of 3 foot. Regular misting is important as this indoor plant thrives in warm, dampish conditions. Being a native of South America also means that it has few natural pests when it is planted in more northern areas.

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