Care for Orchid plants

Care for Orchid Plants

Many people wrongly assume Phalaenopsis Orchid plants are difficult to look after however following these few simple tips will help you get the very most from your Phalaenopsis Orchid plants.

  • Light – sufficient light is important for healthy growth and flower production so place your Orchid plant in a bright sunny area but NOT in direct sunlight.
  • Heat – not too hot and not too cold, ideally between 18-22 degrees celsius.
  • Water – mature plants should seldom dry out between watering so water approximately every one to two weeks in the summer and about once a month in the winter. Check the roots – if they are grey in colour your plant probably needs watering, if they are green in colour they are fine. When watering use about a cup full of water and allow to drain through your container. Don’t let your Orchid plant stand in water and if possible use rain water as plants don’t like chlorine and other chemicals found in treated tap water.
  • HumidityOrchids do like humidity so spray the foliage about once a week or more if it is very dry. Avoid the moisture touching the flowers.
  • Fertiliser – use a specialist Orchid plant fertiliser about once a month or as directed by the maker.
  • Potting – your Orchid plant should be potted in a clear container as the roots need exposure to light. Re-potting should be done every one to two years before the potting mix breaks down too far. It is best to re-pot late in spring after the main flowering season has finished.
  • Pruning – don’t give up on your plant when all the flowers have died off. If you cut the plant stems back to just above the second eye or notch and at an angle this will encourage renewed growth for next year.

phalaenopsis orchids

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