Why we need to feed flowers flower food

Some people may avoid buying fresh flowers because they feel that they just don’t last long enough. In many cases, if the flowers wilt after a few days, they may not have been given the proper care.

Why we need to feed flowers flower foodCare for flowers first involves conditioning. Conditioning flowers is removing all packaging and any foliage up to the rim level of your vase. Then with a sharp knife or scissors, cut about two centimetres from the bottom of each flower stem at a 45 degree angle. Finally place your flowers in a vase filled with cool water, replenish water regularly and place your vase in a cool room avoiding direct sunlight. One of the best ways to further extend the life of the flowers is to give them flower food.

There are a number of options to choose from when you want to feed flowers. Some people make flower food using their own recipes. Common recipes include ingredients such as lemon juice, lime juice, sugar, small amounts of household chlorine bleach and warm water. While these recipes can be useful, they aren’t always as effective at keeping flowers fresh for a longer period of time.

For this reason, you may prefer to feed flowers with a packet of specially made flower food additives. The most effective additives for cut flowers are the packets that good florists provide with their bouquets. These additives are effective in eliminating the bacteria that cause the flowers to wilt. They also provide cut flowers with important nutrients and nourishment. Many additives include acidifiers that reduce the pH level of vase water, creating a healthier environment for the flowers.

Plant and flower experts agree that the best way to care for flowers is to provide them with clean, cool water and quality flower food. Proper care and attention will keep the flowers fresh and beautiful for longer.

Beautiful Fresh flowers will brighten up any room and flower food is important in keeping them blooming and looking fresh for longer.

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