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Birthday Flowers: The perfect Gift

What better way to wish a friend or loved one a happy birthday than by sending them a birthday bouquet. Flowers are an artful way of brightening someone’s special day. Birthday flowers can complement a party table or add colour and life to a drab office cubicle. The look on the recipient’s face when getting … Continued

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Poinsettia Care

The euphorbia pulcherrima, or as it is more commonly called, poinsettia, is a flowering shrub indigenous to Central America. Although it grows naturally in Central America, its popularity has spread all over the world. The plant is known for its beautiful red and green leaves. As these are the colours that represent Christmas, poinsettias have … Continued

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Christmas Wreaths

For centuries, Christmas wreaths have been a tradition central to the celebration of Christ’s birth. Modern day wreaths began with Lutherans living in Germany shortly after the time of Martin Luther. Prior to their adoption into Christianity, wreaths were used to represent the cycle of the seasons. Made from evergreen foliage, the wreaths were lit … Continued

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Christmas Floral Arrangements

When decking the halls for the holidays, everyone will enjoy a cheerful Christmas floral arrangement. It remains one of the top gifting choices for families, businesses, and corporations. They can be placed on the fireplace mantle above the stockings or on the table as a centrepiece. There is something about the fragrant flowers and vibrant … Continued

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Corsage for Debs

Blooming Amazing Flower Company have a great selection of corsages for debs and graduations. These are custom made so cannot be ordered online – for further information or to place an order please call into our shop in Ranelagh or telephone +353-1-491 0233 One of the lasting memories in young people’s lives is attending their graduation … Continued

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Summer Flower Bouquets for Weddings

Summer is undoubtedly the most popular time of year for weddings; the weather is (hopefully) more settled, there are long evenings, flourishing backdrops and good light for photographs. Summer brides have a vast selection of flowers to choose from – there are more in season than other times of the year and you can take … Continued

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Choosing your Wedding Flower Arrangements

Many people may wish to choose their wedding flowers around a specific theme – such as the time of year or the style of the service or reception venue. Others might like to use a colour, hue, texture or flower that is of special significance to them or a particular fashion style or era as … Continued

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A First Meeting With Your Wedding Florist.

Time is valuable particularly when planning a wedding so to make the very best of it when you are first meeting your wedding florist here are just a few few simple tips: Meet your wedding florist : Don’t just email or phone looking for a quote for flowers for a wedding as that’s just what you … Continued

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Create a Winter Wedding Floral Masterpiece

Nothing is more dazzling than a winter wedding. Frost, snow and the holiday spirit make it a magical time for everyone involved. Although spring flowers are thought to be lush, winter wedding flowers can be just as spectacular. To create your perfect wedding flower arrangements, you just need a little imagination and resourcefulness. There are … Continued

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