Christmas Dinner Table Decoration – Ten Tips for a Blooming Amazing Christmas

Christmas Dinner Table Decoration – this is the final flourish bringing your festive décor theme together. You’ve decorated the tree, chosen the right gifts, planned a sumptuous menu so don’t overlook this most important area. The Christmas meal is really the focal point of this wonderful family day, with people pulling crackers, telling jokes & stories and reminiscing over Christmases past. It’s a long leisurely meal and beautiful tables scaping will add to and enhance the atmosphere.

Christmas table decorated for dinner

Tip 1 – Follow the shape of your dining table

Think what shape your dining table is – is it round, square oblong or rectangular, is it narrow or wide? The shape of your table will dictate the shape of your Christmas dinner table decoration. For example, if your table is long and narrow you may have limited space in the middle so seek out small containers that can be dotted along the length of your table, perhaps linking them together with some trailing foliage, small baubles or pinecones. This will give an impression of one long flowing arrangement.

Tip 2 – Use what you have around you.

Look around and see what you already have in your house. It could be a box of special baubles, beautiful votives, exquisite candle sticks, seldom used cake stands or a favourite table runner. Pick something from this list to use as a starting point for your Christmas table scaping.

Dinner table with Christmas decor

Tip 3 – Go out and forage.

The great outdoors is brim full of natural seasonal embellishments so go out and hunt some down. You won’t have to go far as even the smallest garden has an abundance of hidden treasures to use. Dried leaves which can be strung and used for garlands, moss, lichen covered twig, pinecones, beech cone shells, evergreen branches, trailing ivy, dried seed heads such as agapanthus – the list is endless. All these bits and pieces can be used as fantastic ingredients for your Christmas dinner table decoration and best of all they are free, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Tip 4 – You can never have too much candlelight.

Christmas dinner table decorations can never have enough votives, tea lights, candles or pea lights. They add a lovely shimmer and sparkle to your dining table which is especially effective at this time of year. You can enhance this twinkling effect by using table mirrors under your lights and decorations and adding a few reflective baubles to catch disperse the candlelight.


Christmas wreath used as a table centre for Christmas table decorations

Tip 5 – It’s the small details that count.

Don’t forget the small details when creating your Christmas dinner table decoration. Use bits of flowers and foliage to make little decorations to tie or lay on top of crisp white napkins. Why not add brown luggage tags as place names to your napkin decoration. Write your guest names on these in gold or silver ink and attach using a coordinating ribbon.

Tip 6 – Go all out rustic.

If you are going for a rustic look for your Christmas dinner table decorations go all out using log slices as charger plates. Plane cylindrical glass vases with foliage, twig or individual leaves wrapped around the outside of the vase and tied with raffia or twine will complete this rustic look. Pop a chunky church candle inside the vase for that extra Christmas glow.

tablescaping ideas for Christmas dinner

Tip 7 – Fresh flowers are always a winner for you Christmas dinner table decoration.

Go big and lavish with dark red and pink flowers and mingling these with coordinating winter foliages and berries. Amaryllis are in season for Christmas and they come in a spectacular array of colours. They are long lasting but ask your florist to order them early for you as the blooms need time to open. Small vases stuffed with blooms arranged along the length of your table intermingled with scattered foliage and battery-operated pea lights work particularly well on long narrow tables and you can easily hide the batteries under some foliage.

Tip 8 – Get fruity.

For a different take on Christmas dinner table decorations why not add fruit. Gather together a collection of different height fruit bowls, cake stands and sweet dishes. Arrange along your table and fill each with one type of fruit, scattering foliage along the table with some tasteful Christmas baubles. Fruit such Mandarin Oranges, Pomegranates, Limes. Red & Green Apples, Figs and Cumquats are also great for this look. You can add also stud your oranges and limes with cloves for that added festive feel.

Tip 9 – Say hello to Hellebores

The Christmas Rose, Hellebores makes a beautiful seasonal bloom arranged around your house in vases with bare twig for that yuletide look. Replicate this in smaller vases on your dinner table for a simple effective seasonal look. A good florist can supply many shades of Hellebores including reds, pinks, whites, greens and creams but do order in advance particularly if you need larger quantities.

Tip – 10 Be yourself.

Christmas is all about family and friends so enjoy expressing your own creativity to your nearest and dearest. Chose a theme and look you’re comfortable with and let loose your inner artiste – but most of all have fun.

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