Top Tips for Valentines Flowers

Flowers really are the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift – a beautifully arranged and thoughtfully chosen flower bouquet will really make the right impression so here are our top tips for Valentines flowers and how to make ordering them simple and seamless – of course most of these tips apply to sending flowers at any time of year.

Think Beyond Red Roses.

Red roses are synonymous with St. Valentine’s Day and worldwide demand for them is so high that top quality red roses become expensive. It may seem odd coming from a florists to be included in tips for valentines flowers but there are many other beautiful alternatives to a dozen red roses. Your artisan florist can help you with gorgeous options such as a had-tied bouquet of seasonal flowers to include a single red rose with red spray roses and other complimenting flowers and foliage or how about a mixed hand-tied bouquet containing red roses and orchids or even go all out and consider a beautiful cream, green and white toned bouquet. There are lots of ways to make your bouquet special and just a little different. If your heart is set on red roses, please make sure you choose the best quality available – ask for grade A1, large headed varieties such as Naomi or Black Baccara.

Valentines day red rose flower bouquet for delivery in Dublin

Do a Little Homework.

Seek out a quality artisan flower shop – one that handcrafts each bouquet to order. When searching online it can be difficult to distinguish between a real artisan flower shop and volume “order gatherers”. These companies often buy their bouquets already pre-made from abroad, so the quality and artistic content is often lacking. They are usually based in a warehouse in an industrial estate and they may cleverly phrase their online content and adverts to appear as a local flower shop. The easiest way to find out if you are dealing with a real artisan florist is to check their address and if in doubt phone them directly – if you can’t find an address and or phone number on their website it’s probably best to avoid them.

Go Local

Whether you are buying online, in-person or by phone it’s usually best to use a quality florist that is local to you or local to where you would like your gift delivered. A good local florists will be able to offer expert advice based on experience – they will know what design styles are best suited for each occasion and budget. They will also have their own in-house delivery team, so your gift is delivered at it’s very best. Flowers are fragile so avoid using companies that rely on non-specialist couriers, standard postal services or long-distance overnight delivery.

Order Early

Our next tips for Valentines flowers is to order early. It’s a busy time for top flower shops so it’s a good idea not to leave things to the last minute. Delivery slots fill up quickly at this time of year so if you want the best of attention, talking to your florist at least a week in advance of the big day is certainly recommended. So set a reminder before 7th February to order your gift either in-store, online or by phone.

Get the Best Advice

Think in advance about what flowers you might like to send and then discuss this with your florist. Is there a significant flower that your Valentine loves or a favourite colour palette? If so, your florist can guide you to the best seasonal choices and design style to suit your unique requirements. If you have nothing particular in mind have a look at their online offerings as sometimes it can be difficult to visualise and a picture can be a great help.

Be Prepared.

It seems obvious but when you are placing your order make sure you have all the correct information for the recipient to hand including full name, delivery address, Eircode and their phone number. Make sure you know what message you would like to add to accompany your flower gift – this will ensure your order gets delivered correctly and on time.

Add a Little Extra

Make your gift stands out by adding an extra personal touch. Instead of your florist writing your gift card for you, you could always drop your own card into them and get them to attach it to your gift – just make sure this personal touch is be done well in advance. You might like to add a vase, handmade chocolates, a balloon or your valentine’s favourite, wine, Champagne or Prosecco – these extra touches can make a big difference but do organise them well in advance.

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