Protea, Protea, Protea

A Mid-Winter Irish Wedding – with a South African Twist.


Few Irish couples opt for tropical flowers for weddings. They tend to choose more traditional varieties like Roses, Peonies, Lisianthus, Gypsophila, Ranunculus, Lily of The Valley etc but we  love a challenge and we love working on new ideas so this wedding gave us the scope to design something a little unusual.

Bride and groom, Emma and Alistair wanted to bring some of Alistair’s South African birth heritage to their wedding so they choose the country’s national flower, the King Protea, as a central theme for their wedding flowers. Emma added fine Coral Fern to the foliage in the bridal bouquet to reflect the very fine lace in her veil.
Bride's Bouquet of King Protea

As the wedding was set in Ireland in mid winter the choice of the tropical Protea made a beautiful contrast to the stark Irish landscape..

4 3

Reflecting the Irish winter, simple Ivy tied with Willow and Raffia was used at the entrance to the Mount Druid service venue but with complimenting styled Protea arrangements used as pew ends inside.

6 7

Alistair is a real mix – born in South African he is also half Scottish so we incorporated Thistle Orion into the gentlemen’s button holes along with large green headed Orchids and mini succulents. Back to the tropical South African theme with Protea, Ginger, Coral Fern and Strelitzia used for the dining venue arrangements at Mount Druid.

Church Wedding
Bride and groom really stamped their individual personalities and family history on their beautiful  wedding with an unusual choice of tropical flowers blended with an Irish winter look .

Bride & Groom : Emma & Alistair
Service & Reception Venue : Mount Druid, Castletown Geoghan, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
Photography : Syona Photography

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