Create a Winter Wedding Floral Masterpiece

Nothing is more dazzling than a winter wedding. Frost, snow and the holiday spirit make it a magical time for everyone involved. Although spring flowers are thought to be lush, winter wedding flowers can be just as spectacular. To create your perfect wedding flower arrangements, you just need a little imagination and resourcefulness.

There are numerous wedding flowers ideas on the internet, particularly for winter. If you need an expert touch, ask your local florist Blooming Amazing Flower Company who are an abundant source of fresh ideas. They can help point you in the right direction and come up with one-of-a-kind flower arrangements for your special day.

Table centre using roses, thistle orion set around a hurricane lamp with church candle

Great flowers for a winter time wedding include Amaryllis (Hippeastrum), Ilex Berry, Hypericum, Orchid, Hydrangea, White Lilac and Red or White Roses.

Some people feel that roses are necessary at a wedding. For a truly elegant winter wedding look, try mixing white roses with Snowberry or Calla Lily. If the wedding is around the Christmas holidays, you might include some Christmas accessories to the roses to make beautiful, festive wedding flower arrangements. Accessories such as Cumquats, Mandarins with Cloves, Pine Cones, Cinnamon Sticks, Holly Berry, Holly Leaves, small baubles and decorative ribbon add that special Christmas touch.

People might see winter wedding flowers as a challenge, but it is actually a time to express yourself and be unique. As the Poinsettia is synonymous as a winter flower, if your wedding is around Christmas time, an arrangement of this plant can look very dramatic for room decoration. Poinsettias come in several colours including reds, whites or pinks. By grouping these together in attractive planters you can create a spectacular wedding flower arrangement and also fill void spaces in a room giving a wonderful festive atmosphere.

The fun thing about creating a masterpiece is there is no right or wrong way. Inspiration is the first step and everything else will fall into place. Make something unique that no one else has seen before. Do not be afraid of stepping out of the security level of the traditional and stepping into the extraordinary. Putting your wedding flowers ideas into use will empower you to create a wintery floral masterpiece.

Blooming Amazing Flower Company are flower arranging experts. We can help you design the perfect winter wedding flowers to help make your day extra special. Check out our Wedding Flowers Gallery for wedding flower ideas. Contact us today to start creating the perfect wedding flower arrangements.