Ideas for Wedding Flowers in Autumn

There are few things more beautiful than the stunning colours of autumn leaves in Dublin. With the usually warm weather and the colourful scenery, it is no wonder that autumn weddings are so popular. However, planning wedding decor during this season can be a little tricky, as certain designs and colours are better left to the spring, summer and winter months. Choosing the appropriate flowers for wedding ceremonies can be especially tricky and the following guide will help you find unique ideas for wedding flowers.

Ideas for Wedding Flowers in Autumn
Keep it simple

The harvest season is not typically marked by excessive extravagance. As such, it is important not to go overboard with your flowers for wedding receptions and ceremonies. The best bouquets will have a few tastefully chosen autumn wedding flowers arranged in a simple but beautiful manner.

Rich colours

Save the pastels for spring, and find a rich hue to match the brightly-coloured leaves outside. Some great choices for autumn wedding flowers include burgundy and orange roses, hydrangea, mini call lilies, dahlias, sunflowers and pin cushions. During the autumn months, you can further decorate your bouquets and centrepieces with unique choices like rye grass, crab apples, ornamental cabbage and even miniature pumpkins. Be sure to avoid clashing colours and stick to a set colour scheme.

In Season

Sometimes the best way to find ideas for wedding flowers is to look at what is currently in season. Flowers that bloom during the autumn months include Amaranthus, Anthurium, Orchid, Chinese Lanterns Protea and Sedum. Any of these types of flowers look beautiful in an autumn wedding bouquet.

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