Wedding Flowers Thoughts and Tips

How can I get the right look for my wedding flowers at the right price?

It sounds obvious but get expert, professional advice. You wouldn’t let your Aunt make your wedding dress or your Dad make your wedding cake unless they were experts so don’t chance your wedding flowers to an amateur.

Another don’t is to email all the wedding florists in Dublin, Cork or your area with a list of your requirements looking for the cheapest quote – if you do this you will simply end up with cheap flowers.

Brides flower bouquet with pink red and white roses with added foliageFlowers are one of the main focal points of your wedding day. Expert advice doesn’t necessarily mean expensive and a little time and effort spent can have spectacular results.

Talk to your friends and family and draw up a short list of recommended reputable florists. Visit them to get to know them and their floristry styles. A Good florist will also want to meet you to learn about you, your preferences, likes and dislikes and all the finer details of your wedding. Even your height can have a bearing on what style wedding bouquet will best suit you so time spent with a good florist is invaluable.

Choose a florist that inspires you and you feel comfortable with. They may come up with ideas that you have not considered – some of these can even save you money.

Work closely with them and they will help you achieve the look you want, within your budget and without compromising on quality.