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Spring Wedding Bouquets in Pastel Colours set at Country House

Many people may wish to choose their wedding flowers around a specific theme - such as the time of year or the style of the service or reception venue. Others might like to use a colour, hue, texture or flower that is of special significance to them or a particular fashion style or era as inspiration.

We have a wealth of experience planning, designing and delivering bespoke flowers for weddings in Dublin, Ireland and occasionally further afield. Our bespoke service lets you consult with our award winning design team to discuss every aspect of your wedding flowers.

Bride with Bouquet Entering Country Church with Father

Areas that you might consider include:

  •  Colour - do you want to blend and co-ordinate your colours for a subtle look or would you rather use bold, vibrant colours to accentuate and make impact.
  •  Texture - you may wish to use different combinations of flowers and foliages to influence whether your flowers are focal points in themselves or you may prefer that your flowers enhance and co-ordinate the style of the setting and / or the bride / bridesmaids gowns.
  •  Style and Detail - An overly fussy bouquet will not suit the clean, elegant lines of a simple wedding gown. A structured modern arrangement may look out of place in a traditional setting where a more traditional flowing arrangement would be better suited. Equally, however contrasting styles when used effectively can add dramatic impact.
  •  Size and Shape - the size and shape of arrangements and bouquets can have very particular effects. A petite bride could be overwhelmed by an overly large bouquet whilst the effect of a beautiful table arrangement may be diminished if it is not in the correct proportions to the table and room in which it is placed.

However grand or simple your plans are, whatever flower and decor style you wish to create - from the dramatic to the demure from sophisticated avant-garde to rustic country we will go through your ideas in detail and offer you help and assistance with expert guidance and advice on all your flower requirements. Whether you prefer simple yet elegant wedding bouquets for a Dublin city location or are planning something more opulent in a country house we will use our extensive wedding floristry experience and creativity to work with you to interpret your dreams.

Our wedding gallery shows just a small sample of our work. Click to find out more detals on how we work  and for outline costings. Please contact us below for more information on our bespoke wedding flowers design service that includes a free one-to-one wedding consultation followed by a fully itemised proposal including, as required by you, site visits, accessorisation, props, sampling, design, delivery, installation and VAT.

Church Pillar Decoration of Blue Hydrangea WhiteLisianthus and Ivy  Brides Bouquet of King Protea at Winter Wedding  Wedding Table Centre in Creams Greens and PInks in Tall Glass Vase

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