The Meaning behind a Bouquet of Roses

As the saying goes, a rose by any other name would not smell so sweet. A roses meaning has been important to people for thousands of years but as the years have gone by, the meaning behind rose flowers has grown increasingly complex. The number and colour of flowers in a bouquet of roses can completely alter the message that the bouquet gives.

A Red Rose and Orchid Flower Arrangement
A Red Rose and Orchid Flower Arrangement
Different colours give roses meaning. A deep red or burgundy hue indicates romantic love, which is why these flowers are often gifted by those in relationships. If you are experiencing more of a “love at first sight” type of situation, lavender roses make a great impression.
The white rose is usually thought of as the bridal flower, as it is so often used in weddings. Traditionally, yellow rose flowers have been reserved for funeral flowers, although they have often been given as thank-you flower gifts in recent years. Still, if you are choosing between giving a loved one yellow roses or flowers of a different colour, perhaps you would be best off with the latter option.
While many people understand the significance of colour in a bouquet of roses, they often fail to understand how the roses meaning is impacted by the number of flowers in the bouquet. A single red rose represents love in its early stages, making it ideal for a first or second date. Three roses are traditionally presented on the one-month anniversary. If you want to apologise to your lover, send her fifteen roses. For couples that have been together for several years (or decades) a gift of fifty roses says “I’m still head over heels in love with you!”
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