Rich and Colourful Autumn Flowers

Just as fruits and vegetables have seasons in which they are most appropriate for eating, different flowers are at their best when displayed in season. In spring, the best flower bouquets come in pastel colours. Early summer is a great time for roses. And when the leaves begin to fall off the trees, it is time to display beautiful bouquets of autumn flowers.

The colours associated with autumn follow the bright hues of changing leaves. These include deep red, yellow, orange and purple. While spring flowers usually come in lighter shades, the best fall flowers are much deeper in colour. The rich colours of autumn flowers evoke a joy traditionally experienced during a successful harvest season.

Rich and Colourful Autumn Flowers


Although a lot of the most popular bouquet flowers are out of season during the autumn months, there are still plenty of beautiful fall flowers from which to choose. A lot of purple flowers are in season at this time, such as lisianthus and gerbera. These purple flowers are perfect for those looking for a more unique look.


For a more rustic appearance, nothing works better than a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers. These vibrant flowers look especially beautiful right at the beginning of the autumn season. They brighten up the room just as the weather is starting to get cold and dreary.


Some people long for the bright red colours commonly seen during the summer months. Fortunately, you can still incorporate red into your bouquet when it is autumn. Excellent choices include anthurium and calla lilies.


When it comes to fall flowers, there are dozens of choices available online at Whether you prefer yellow, red, purple or orange, you should have no trouble finding a bouquet of autumn flowers that is perfect for you.