Uniquely Orchids

As a beloved bloom for centuries, the orchid is second only to the rose in the monarchy of gifting flowers. They are appropriate gifts for any time; whether as a potted plant or in a cut arrangement. Their blooms naturally come in almost any shade. There is no other flowering plant which has as many varieties of flower types as this beauty. Their very presence in a room creates instant class and regal charm.

Of the many varieties of orchids, one of the most popular for gifting is the phalaenopsis orchids. It usually comes in shades of dark pink or white and has an alluring, light perfume that enhances its surroundings. The gentle scent of phalaenopsis orchids is a mesmerizing addition to any room. Generally, phalaenopsis are purchased already potted in a decorative planter and with a little care, it can be enjoyed by the recipient for months.

phalaenopsis orchids
White orchids are often one of the most popular choices for various different occasions. White orchids are also strikingly beautiful arranged as bridal bouquets and they do quite well in a cut arrangement mixed with other smaller flowers or they may be arranged alone.Even though the sight of orchids can make one think of the arrival of spring, they are available year round. Whether as a corsage or a full arrangement, orchids are definitely an excellent choice. This royal bloom will be a constant reminder to the recipient of the sincerity and endearment of the giver.View the selection of beautiful and unique orchids today at Blooming Amazing Flower Company. Our innovative florists will work with you to find and arrange flowers perfect for any occasion.