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Flowers For Weddings

Looking for flowers for Wedding? Our expert Florists can help you create the perfect special floral arrangements for your special day.


Summer Flower Bouquets for Weddings
Summer is undoubtedly the most popular time of year for weddings; the weather is (hopefully) more settled, there are long evenings, flourishing...
Published 22 April 2013
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A First Meeting With Your Wedding Florist.
Time is valuable particularly when planning a wedding so to make the very best of it when you are first meeting your wedding florist here are...
Published 18 July 2012
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Wedding Flowers Thoughts and Tips
How can I get the right look for my wedding flowers at the right price?   It sounds obvious but get expert, professional advice. You...
Published 18 May 2012
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Ideas for Wedding Flowers in Autumn
There are few things more beautiful than the stunning colours of autumn leaves in Dublin. With the usually warm weather and the colourful scenery,...
Published 3 August 2011
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Create a Winter Wedding Floral Masterpiece
Nothing is more dazzling than a winter wedding. Frost, snow and the holiday spirit make it a magical time for everyone involved. Although spring...
Published 3 August 2011
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Perfect Bridal Bouquets
Bridal bouquets are one of the most important parts of any wedding ceremony. Beautiful flowers draw attention to the bride reflecting her own...
Published 3 August 2011
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Choosing your Wedding Flower Arrangements
Many people may wish to choose their wedding flowers around a specific theme - such as the time of year or the style of the service or reception...
Published 30 June 2011
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Design your own wedding flowers with our "do it yourself wedding flower course"
Like all brides to be, you have to decide what flowers will be perfect for your wedding – your dress, the church or service wedding flowers...
Published 29 June 2011
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