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Flower Care

Some advice on how best to care for your flower arrangements and flower bouquets.


The Aloe Vera Plant. How to keep your medicine plant healthy
The Aloe Vera Plant, also known as The Medicine Plant and The Burn Plant is a short stemmed succulent plant and great for those who...
Published 02 August 2012
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Looking after your Urn Plant
Achmea Fasciata or Urn Plant. This attractive plant is a native of Brazil and one of the Bromeliad family which also include the...
Published 31 July 2012
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Caring for Kentia Palms, the do's and don'ts
The Kentia Palm also known as the Sentry Palm, Thatch Leaf Palm and scientifically Howeia Forsteriana is a great indoor plant for home...
Published 24 July 2012
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How to Care for your Peace Plant
The Peace Plant also known as Peace Lily, Closet Plant and officially Spathiphyllum or Spath for short is an easy to care for species of...
Published 03 July 2012
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Care for Orchid plants
Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant Care  Many people wrongly assume Phalaenopsis Orchid plants are difficult to look after however following these...
Published 07 June 2012
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Poinsetta Care
  The euphorbia pulcherrima, or as it is more commonly called, poinsettia, is a flowering shrub indigenous to Central America. Although it...
Published 16 November 2011
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Flower Care Tips and Advice
Whether the occasion is a birthday, anniversary or funeral the best way to show how much you care is with a bouquet of fresh...
Published 30 August 2011
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Why we need to feed flower flower food
Some people may avoid buying fresh flowers because they feel that they just don't last long enough. In many cases, if the flowers wilt after a...
Published 03 August 2011
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Caring For Flower Bouquets
  Below are some tips on caring for your flower bouquets to ensure you get the very most from and to enhance their longevity. Fill a...
Published 30 June 2011
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