Gerbera Flowers

If you take a close look at  bouquets, you'll find that a lot of them include gerbera flowers. Why? Well, gerbera is one of the most versatile types of flowers. Also referred to as African daisies, gerbera flowers come in several colours, including yellow, red, orange, pink and purple. They can be combined with roses, orchids, anthurium and many other varieties of flowers.

The great thing about gerberas is that they are not limited to use during a single season. Because of the varied colours, gerbera daisies work well all year long. For spring and summer, you can combine gerberas with lisianthus and roses. During the autumn months, gerbera flowers look beautiful with anthurium and orchids. 



Gerberas are perennial plants, meaning that they can be grown year after year. Perennial plants tend to be hardier than annuals. As such, perennials are very popular in colder climates. When the weather is less than ideal, a perennial will still be able to produce beautiful flowers. This is just another reason why we love gerbera. When other flowers are fading, the gerberas still look vibrant. They are always ready to be used in a beautiful bouquet. 

If you are struggling to come up with a type of flower appropriate for a specific event or occasion, you can't go wrong with the gerbera. Whether you need flowers for a wedding, funeral, birthday or just because, a bouquet full of gerberas will be greatly appreciated. If you prefer a little more variety in your bouquet, you can combine gerberas with almost any other kind of flower. Considering their high level of versatility, it is no wonder that gerberas are so popular.

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