Running a Dublin Flower Shop

Running any business is challenging but running a flower shop is challenging, fun and of course creative. To a non florist it may seem like a nice, cushy job – just arranging flowers and chatting to customers but although the reality is quite different it is still enjoyable and satisfying.

Your most important task is to always insure you have the very best flowers and foliages available for your customers whether they order in person from our Dublin flower shop, through our online florist service, by phone or when they are choosing flowers for an occasion like an important corporate event or a wedding.  
Flowers should always be absolutely fresh and of the very best quality and this is why we order on a daily basis. Our wholesale flower delivery service supply us with the very best seasonal products available in Ireland and through the international flower auctions in Holland. 
Heavy lifting, cold wet hands, cuts and scratches are part of the job description as once you have obtained the best ingredients they have to be unpacked, quality checked and conditioned - only then can we concentrate on designing beautiful flower bouquets and arrangements for our customers. 
When a customer places a flower order with us it has to be designed and arranged, packaged and made ready to bring to the recipients address. We operate three types of flower delivery service – to Dublin, a second service to Ireland excluding Dublin and a relay service for international flower orders. Needless to say planning and logistics are vital in insuring an efficient flower delivery service.   
Our online florist is like having another shop - designing new style flower arrangements, photographing and uploading new products, liaising with our web developers and optimisers and making sure everything runs smoothly all demands careful attention. It is a very important part of our business as online florist sales are a large and growing part of our business.   
There are a hundred and one other things to do in any day including sales, marketing, meetings with clients, site visits and quotations. Like most business administrative tasks take up a lot of time, PAYE, PRSI, tax returns, payroll, bank reconciliations, rates, lodgements, customer invoicing, daily ordering, paying suppliers... the day to day list of things to do in a Dublin flower shop never ends. There are never enough hours in any day but variety is very much the spice of life and no two days are ever, ever the same.   
If you need advice on choosing flowers or are looking for an expert to design floral arrangements, do not hesitate to contact Blooming Amazing Flower Company, your local Dublin florist. Our florists will work with you to find and arrange flowers perfect for any occasion.

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