A Day in the Life Of An Online Florist

The internet never sleeps so it’s an early start for an online florist. The first task of any day, which is usually well before 8 am, is to check and process all orders that have been placed overnight on our web site www.bloomingamazing.ie .

Power up the computers and get the printers printing - you may be a Dublin florist but you operate in a global market and overnight orders for flowers have come in from USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Once these orders are printed off they need to be double checked to make sure all details are correct before forwarding them to one of our two Dublin florist shops who are now busy making bouquets and customised flower arrangements for our clients.
You have to be aware that when you operate online your customers come from all over the world; they live in different time zones, use different currencies and speak many different languages. As their orders have been placed on our web site and you have not spoken directly with them, occasionally there can be queries or ambiguities and these need to be followed up. You need to remember when you are starting your days work your clients could be getting ready for bed so speed is essential. 
Local Irish, UK and European flower orders start coming after 8am. People are arriving in their offices or ordering from home and need gifts delivered to friends, colleagues and their clients. At the same time our flower delivery services have hit the roads and are busy delivering beautiful flower bouquets and arrangements to addresses all over Dublin and Ireland. Orders come in for international delivery as well, so we are also busy relaying these to our colleagues across the globe.
As a Dublin florist with a large online presence, each week we plan new style flower bouquets and arrangement designs for our web site web. We use the highest quality seasonal flowers and foliages making bouquets that are unique. Our designs need to be photographed, edited and uploaded to our web site replacing older designs when they have gone out of season.
Apart from keeping our web products new and interesting, making bouquets and flower arrangements for clients there a lot of technical issues that need to be dealt with including the management of the website,  adding up to date news and info, liaising with web developers etc. We tend to concentrate on these issues when our same day delivery services ends for the day and after the local Irish and UK markets have slowed down for the evening.     
The end of our work day is often well after 7pm but our online florist service continues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need advice on choosing flowers or are looking for an expert to design flower arrangements, do not hesitate to call on Blooming Amazing Flower Company, your local Dublin Florist.

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