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Outdoor Weddings in Ireland

An Outdoor Wedding in Ireland

Lets face it, Ireland isn’t renowned for it’s fabulous sunny weather so organising an outdoor wedding service might just raise an eyebrow or two. However our pictures show that it’s far from impossible. Continue reading Outdoor Weddings in Ireland

Corsage, Boutonniere and Buttonholes.

Corsage, Boutonniere and Buttonholes – What’s in a Name?

Corsage and Boutonnaire Selection

Simply put – if it’s worn by a women it’s a corsage, if it’s worn by a man it’s a boutonniere or buttonhole. Corsage, buttonholes and boutonniere are fundamentally the same thing. Traditionally a small bouquet, sometimes just a single flower, worn on a dress or suit. Just like shirts or blouses the term used is dictated by the gender of the wearer.

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