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Wedding Flowers Thoughts and Tips

How can I get the right look for my wedding flowers at the right price? It sounds obvious but get expert, professional advice. You wouldn’t let your Aunt make your wedding dress or your Dad make your wedding cake unless they were experts so don’t chance your wedding flowers to an amateur. Another don’t is to … Continued

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Flowers For Funerals

There are few things in life as sad as attending a funeral. Although one of the functions of a funeral is to properly mourn the deceased, funerals are also meant to be a celebration of life. Of course, it can be difficult for family members to remember this when they are in the middle of … Continued

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Gerbera Flowers

If you take a close look at bouquets, you’ll find that a lot of them include gerbera flowers. Why? Well, gerbera is one of the most versatile types of flowers. Also referred to as African daisies, gerbera flowers come in several colours, including yellow, red, orange, pink and purple. They can be combined with roses, … Continued

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Flowering Shrubs – Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are often considered the empress among flowering shrubs in formal and cottage gardens. Like living spheres of blooms, they have been used to grace cut floral arrangements for generations. One of the most appealing characteristic of hydrangeas is their colour varieties. Depending on the PH balance of the soil in which they are grown, … Continued

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