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The Aloe Vera Plant. How to keep your medicine plant healthy

The Aloe Vera Plant, also known as The Medicine Plant and The Burn Plant is a short stemmed succulent plant and great for those who don’t have green fingers as it thrives on neglect. Related to the Lily family the Aloe Vera is cactus like in appearance with thick, tapering spiney or serrated green leaves. … Continued

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Care for Orchid plants

Many people wrongly assume Phalaenopsis Orchid plants are difficult to look after however following these few simple tips will help you get the very most from your Phalaenopis Orchid plants. Light – sufficient light is important for healthy growth and flower production so place your Orchid plant in a bright sunny area but NOT in … Continued

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Mother’s Day

  A Short History of Mother’s Day Mother’s Day: Celebrations of mothers and mothering may go back thousands of years to pre-Roman times but the modern celebration has two main influences. The giving of gifts for Mother’s Day, particularly flowers, seems to have developed from the old medieval holiday of “Mothering Sunday. “Mothering Sunday” was … Continued

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How to Care for your Peace Plant

The Peace Plant also known as Peace Lily, Closet Plant and officially Spathiphyllum or Spath for short is an easy to care for species of plant and one of the most popular house plants available. It is an evergreen herbaceous perennial related to the anthurium family. Despite it’s name it is related to the anthurium … Continued

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Caring for Kentia Palms, the do’s and don’ts

The Kentia Palm also known as the Sentry Palm, Thatch Leaf Palm and scientifically Howeia Forsteriana is a great indoor plant for home and office. It is a tropical evergreen palm that can also grow outdoors in cooler climates. In this part of the world however it is best used as an indoor plant as … Continued

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Looking after your Urn Plant (Achmea Fasciata)

This attractive plant is a native of Brazil and one of the Bromeliad family which also include the Pineapple. It has tough leathery leaves which grow in a rosette shape to form to form a central water storage area – thus the name Urn Plant. In it’s native habitat this plant can grow in the … Continued

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Poinsettia Care

The euphorbia pulcherrima, or as it is more commonly called, poinsettia, is a flowering shrub indigenous to Central America. Although it grows naturally in Central America, its popularity has spread all over the world. The plant is known for its beautiful red and green leaves. As these are the colours that represent Christmas, poinsettias have … Continued

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Christmas Wreaths

For centuries, Christmas wreaths have been a tradition central to the celebration of Christ’s birth. Modern day wreaths began with Lutherans living in Germany shortly after the time of Martin Luther. Prior to their adoption into Christianity, wreaths were used to represent the cycle of the seasons. Made from evergreen foliage, the wreaths were lit … Continued

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Christmas Floral Arrangements

When decking the halls for the holidays, everyone will enjoy a cheerful Christmas floral arrangement. It remains one of the top gifting choices for families, businesses, and corporations. They can be placed on the fireplace mantle above the stockings or on the table as a centrepiece. There is something about the fragrant flowers and vibrant … Continued

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