Outdoor Weddings in Ireland

An Outdoor Wedding in Ireland

Lets face it, Ireland isn’t renowned for it’s fabulous sunny weather so organising an outdoor wedding service might just raise an eyebrow or two. However our pictures show that it’s far from impossible.

The groomsman before the service sporting a matching buttonhole. The bride with her wedding bouquet arriving her outdoor wedding service in Ireland

They say there isn’t a climate in Ireland only weather, so whatever the season it’s probably best to plan for all possibilities.

The outdoor wedding service in IrelandAn outdoor reception is a very rare event as even in the middle of Summer it gets cold in the evenings but with a little planning and just a little luck there’s no reason why your wedding service or pre-reception drinks can’t be held outside.


Many outdoor wedding venues will be able to provide an indoor option close by so you can choose to go in or stay outside even as late as the morning of your big day.

Because Ireland is an island on the edge of the Atlantic, long range weather forecasting is limited –  a week at the very most  and count on it to change regularly. So in the run up to your big day check the forecast and make your plans accordingly.


Have a chat with the wedding venue hosts or your wedding organiser. They’ll be in the best position to offer advice & options for a quick relocation inside if the weather goes against you.


Even if it does rain when you tie the knot remember it’s a sign of good luck!


Dear Anna And The Blooming Amazing Team, Our wedding was extraordinary. It's hard to believe it's more than a year ago.....and we couldn't have done it without you. It is thanks to your artistic flair and exquisite taste arranging our autumnal flowers that our day was so incredibly magical and beautiful. Thank you so much Anna. We wish you plenty of peace, love, health and prosperity for years to comeShot on location in Co. Sligo, Ireland
With sincere thanks to the beautiful bride and handsome groom, Erin & Cillian for use of their photography.

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